Cold Brew Coffee at Home

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I LOVE cold brew coffee. I used to use leftover hot brewed coffee, but now I am hooked on the loveliness of cold brew. However, I’m not fond of the price that comes with the extra effort and time that most coffeehouses have to charge. So, why not cold brew at home?

Here’s how!

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Cold Brew Coffee

Are you a big fan of iced coffee? Well, cold brew is the ultimate brewing method for creating the perfect iced coffee. Sure, you can stop by your local coffee shop and have the friendly baristas whip you up a delicious iced coffee. But, if you’re a do-it-yourself personality like myself, you will be happy to make this rewarding beverage at home (plus, you save money).

Cold brew is easy to do and perfect for anyone – from morning commuter to cottage vacationer. All you need is whole bean coffee, coffee grinder, the cold brew system of your choice, ice, and a cold place to store your concentrate (add dairy and sweeteners by preference). Check all these items off the list and you’re well on your way to a rewarding iced coffee – enjoy on your way to work or sitting on the dock.

Cold Brew Benefits

  • Make…

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