DeathtoStock_Desk2I'll admit it. I've had some serious writer's block.

There were moments when I thought I would never write again. It was painful, quiet, and I felt like I wasn't who I was meant to be.

I am not sure exactly what started it, it was as if one day I just woke up and just didn't feel like writing.  I did my normal routines of making a latte, turning on music, and sitting there just looking at the blank screen and nothing came.  I even tried a little yoga on occasions, which ended with me wanting a nap more than ripping out  1,000 words of something that sort of made sense.

It's rare that I have this issue. I mean normally I can plunk out 2,000 words with little effort and actually enjoy the process of release.  But this time I just had nothing.

Nope.. Nada.

Writer's block feels like some has pressed mute in my brain and I just can't hear the normal flow of stories, words, and dancing music.

I've cruised some blog sites with post titles like ” How to get over writer's block.”  But those looked boring and I didn't have the attention span to actually do more than skim the usual tips of relaxing, writing everyday in spite of having nothing to say, and so on.  I have tried meditation, I found a few oddball thoughts in there when I was trying to clear my head and not think about anything.  But nothing of so much value that it drove me to the laptop.

Writer's block is total madness for a person who is pretty sure that her DNA is coded with quotes from various fiction titles and a few lines of poetry that have stuck to me. How can you lie there at night and just stare up at this silent darkness with absolutely nothing to take note about for the next morning's word dance?

DeathtoStock_Desk10Even my dreams were complete borefest.  I actually dreamed of seeing an old friend on the side of the road smoking a cigarette, pulling over to tell him to stop abusing my lungs and driving off. How DULL!

In normal settings I would have stopped that car, had a lovely chat, and returned to my flying dragon which was what my car had turned into in my absence and headed off for some crazy adventure of chasing talking sloths who had stolen my magic socks that I needed to wear to my last period of class or I would fail for the year. But NO.. ” Stop smoking, you are ruining my lungs.  I need those.”  And that was IT!

What's the solution?

Wait it out.

Read A LOT.

Write small things.

Don't give up!

Writer's block is really dull.  There isn't much you can do about it.  You just have to keep up your creative routines.  Don't let the block be your master!

Use the time between writing to revisit your old work. Clean it up, give it some love, and share it with your social media fans.  The more you read of your own writer's voice, the more you will feel the need to use that voice to speak up again.

Trust me, it will come back if you don't give up on it.



4 thoughts on “Dancing with Writer’s block.”

  1. Just breathe, and know it’s OK. There are all sorts of reasons that we writers withdraw from time to time. Maybe you want to just listen, observe, and think for a while without pressure to “produce.” Maybe you need to keep the ideas you’re working with private until they fully form. Or maybe, its just time for a rest. When its time to write again, you’ll know it. Until then, we miss you 😉 Best wishes, WG

  2. Nice post! Writer’s block happens to each one of us and all of us have different ways of dealing with it. I usually wait the wait. My brain stops functioning for a while…but eventually it comes back to me…But I read a lot during the wait, just as you suggested. Reading inspires me in different ways…and then thoughts suddenly start flowing through me again. I’ve tried writing small posts or scribbling small things while I experience the block but it has never worked…I just end up producing mediocre content which I am not proud of. But thanks to people who read my work, they are patient and give me the space to think, while embracing even the worst of my content with open arms 🙂

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