As a writer, I spend a lot of time sitting in my office writing. I usually spend at least 3-5 hours a day writing, working on social media, blog work, and learning about how to be more successful in my career. When I'm not in the office working, I'm out trying out new restaurants, testing new recipes, or reading travel and food blogs.

However I do take days off.  I don't usually work over the weekend or holidays.  I take sick days and tend to myself when I need to. But, I also have free-time to work on the things I enjoy.

I thought it might be cool to share with you some of those things that I do when I'm not working.



I fell in love with gardening as a child. My Gram grew everything from fruits and vegetables to African Violets and houseplants. I always wanted to be like her and out of my love for her, my green thumb grew.

My house is full of plants indoors.  I too have African violets, succulents, and even a funky orchid.  One of my favorite things is my hydroponic window garden.  There is always something fun growing in there and then transplanted in the warmer months outdoors or into a house pot.

But spring is my launch of my own garden.  I LOVE getting my hands in the soil and tending to my little plant friends.

This year I have some raised beds going to be installed in the next few weeks to help with the rabbit issues that I've been dealing with and so I don't have to lean down so much to pick the produce.

I really believe that most of my creativity grows from spending time out in my garden digging around in the dirt.


One of the reasons I love food blogging is that I get the chance to share some of what I've been cooking up in my kitchen over the week.

I think cooking a beautiful and tasty meal is not only creative, but shares part of your heart with those you are feeding.

I spend a lot of time looking at recipes, trying different things out in the kitchen, and sometimes making note of what does not taste well!

However, I really need to remember when I'm making something new to actually take more pictures before we dig in.  So many times I remember that I wanted to blog about the meal after we have stuffed ourselves and it's too late!



My best friend is probably my dog, Wynter.  She's really the coolest soul I've ever met and I adore the time we spend together. However, she's not the only furry friend we have in the house.  We also have another dog, Kili and a cat we lovingly call Apocalypse.

When I need to take a break from writing, especially after writing something pretty emotional or draining, my side-kicks are always there to cheer me up and make me laugh.

Wynter is pretty serious which makes her a great Service Dog.  She doesn't play with toys or chew on bones, however she LOVES the cat. Whenever the cat would like to be let outside in the sun, Wynter is the one who will come and ask nicely to be let out.. then waits by the door for the cat to stroll out through the door.

Kili, welllllll… he's a crazy puppy.  He really has no idea that somewhere in the last year, he is no longer a tiny puppy but now a 62lb bundle of energy.  He always has a tennis ball within reach and if you are just sitting there with nothing to do, he will plop that wet ball right into your lap and sit there waiting for you to notice and throw it.


And Coloring Books!

I love coloring books. I've recently found adult coloring books filled with relaxing designs, patterns that let you slip into this lovely place.  I just love it.

These days more and more adults are coloring and I actually belong to a couple online coloring book groups.  Yeah… I'm that kind of nerdy.  But, it's fun to be able to share my finished work with someone else who actually enjoys coloring as much as I do

So there you have it… a view  into my weird world of what I do when I'm not writing.

What do YOU do when you aren't working?  Do you do anything unusual? Share in the comments!



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