Take time to hear your body. Listen to what it is telling you. It is okay to slow down. #LymeDisease

Sometimes I need to slow down for a bit, listen to my body, understand limits are just chances to slow down and smell the flowers.

I have Lyme Disease.

I hate having to be held back by something so ridiculous. But, when I overdo it, recovering takes time.

Last month we welcomed one of our older boys back home. It was time for him to get some new chances in a new place. My daughter hates being the only child at home after her brothers all moved away. So when we got the call that he was ready to move across the country and get a fresh start, everyone was both excited and nervous. However, it has been a really good thing for all of us.

Yet the change in routine is stressful and managing stress is a bit more difficult when you are battling Lyme Disease.

For me, the weather, very rainy even for Seattle has held me back from going outside much this winter. It calls for more time and experiments to keep my energy up.

Add in a few other stress factors, and I found myself recently just up against the limits. I am just drained and my body is fighting back.

The Lyme bacteriaBorrelia burgdorferi has from time had a warm nesting spot in my brain, causing neurological issues. The easy ones to deal with are numbness and chronic pain – Fibromyalgia. I have a lot of weakness and my stamina is pretty terrible.

However, the issues that are the most difficult are cognitive.  I have fairly significant memory impairment- I lose everything and if I don't write it down, it will be forgotten. Verbally my verbal fluency is impaired, however, oddly my ability to write and communicate in the text is very good.  I have problems with keeping my attention focused.

And let's not forget the tremors… there are moments when I feel like my body is just moving, acting out on it's own. My muscle tremors are the worst right now. From tiny spasms between my toes to full body tremors that seem to just rage on for hours. My latest annoyance is the tremors that have kept me up at night right around the muscles of my eye, the brow, lid, and tiny in between muscles that are quaking constantly.

I just need to slow down for a bit and catch up.

I'm tired from the drugs that it takes to make me better, frustrated by not having control over my body, and annoyed that I have to ask for help doing the easiest things.

Soon I will find my strength again.  I'll get control over these tremors and I'll be on my feet again. I know to listen to the argument that my body is giving me, pushing too hard doesn't get me anywhere, except stuck in bed for a few days.

Rainy days are good for comfy sweaters and soup anyways!  Today I'll take a break, snuggle on the couch with my dog, and let my body rest.

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7 thoughts on “Slowing Down for Lyme Disease”

  1. I felt as if I was reading a description of my own symptoms as I read your post. Sometimes Lyme symptoms are frighteningly similar amongst us. Take care.

    1. Sometimes I feel alone in my disease. Unlike other mainstream diseases, like cancer or MS, we don’t have support groups or survivor stories. We have anxiety and complicated symptoms that make us wonder ourselves if it is in our heads.

      When I do write about living with Lyme, I am always surprised by the number of people who are going through the same things I am as well. It is certainty comforting to know I am not alone.

  2. When you are connected with so many wonderful people through your writing, you can never be alone 🙂 Look forward to reading more and more from you…and that Lyme…well, I cannot imagine the pain you go through but I can only be with you while you do…and I am happy to do so, though we are miles away from each other, we can still share our woes and not feel lonely in this big wide world! I am glad I found your blog and can follow it. Love and luck…
    Do drop by my blog…you’ll get some updates on the joys and sorrows of my life. 🙂

  3. I have the same issue because of Lyme – I struggle with my speech but writing is often substantially easier.
    Slowing down is hard to do but essential for us Lymies. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

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