For the Love of Starbucks


There are millions of coffee houses around the world.  From small towns in Indiana to London, England, I’ve traveled tasting coffee from barely warm sludge to the most orgasmic coffee.  But I have to be honest, I love Starbucks.

The one thing Starbucks does right is consistency, standards, and marketing.

No matter what Starbucks I’ve walked into around the world, I am greeted with familiar green aproned baristas who know how to make the perfect venti vanilla half-caff latte that tastes exactly like the venti vanilla half-caff latte I just had 2,000 miles away.

Sure, from place to place I’ve met baristas with attitudes, stores that have been neglected, but the coffee still has the same flavor.

This week I flew from Phoenix to Seattle to Baltimore.  I travel often and there is something comforting about having a familiar favorite no matter where I go.  I trust that if I don’t like the coffee I can simply ask for a re-do.  I love knowing before I walk in what I like and how I want it.  Which is something somewhat complicated for a girl on the run in a strange coffee shop.

No, Starbucks in Owings Mills, Maryland at the Barnes and Nobles isn’t amazing as the local flavors of Seattle’s homebrews like Café Ladro or Pioneer coffee.  But the girls know their coffee, know the right temperatures, and love working for Starbucks and that is something common to almost all of my experiences in Starbucks around the world.

And when the days are long, flights are delayed, or rain has just damped the day, I find little treats like fresh muffins or my beloved cranberry bliss bars are just the thing I needed to sweeten the day. You don’t have to be an espresso expert at Starbucks, you just need to know what you like, how to say it, order your size first, and don’t be afraid to talk to your baristas.

Thanks Starbucks!

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