Today I felt a bit of my soul dent.  I actually felt this cold, sad, hit to my heart as I read the words, RIP Prince.

I sat there.  I took a deep breath and I silently said “Please let this be a hoax.”

No, I didn't know him.  But in a way I did.  In a way Prince knew exactly the right thing to say when I needed him.  He was my feel better guy, my romantic flirt, my naughty friend. He was the one that I cried to when my heart was broken.

Day after day the entertainment news is filled with celebrity deaths, pregnancies, and the intimate details of their not so private lives. But Prince was different, special.  He did things his way.

As a young woman, Prince was daring and said things that were risqué.  He dared to cross sexual boundaries and sang about things that often made me blush, and I loved it. He stripped away the veil hidden in songs and sang right up in your face.

I loved how there was something shy, something reserved and hidden behind his eyes. It was as if he knew me, sang the songs about overcoming and learning how to love yourself at the right time for me to embrace it.


Unlike my love of Neil Diamond, which by the way is going to be a TERRIBLE DAY when or even IF he passes and please don't remind me that he's old and that my love of Neil is creepy, but unlike Neil… Prince was and adult discovery, one of my first moments of finding music that was just a little different and embracing it. I loved him even more the older that I got, and the rare glimpse of him I'd see on TV or the internet drew me back in to his mystery.

Just a few days ago I was walking with my family and a friend and we were talking about Prince. About his weirdness, about his uniqueness, and about how even though he was

His death made me stop in my tracks and think about how short life is. I thought about the life that he lived, no matter how much fame or money, he was never far from tragedy. His artistic genius didn't keep him from losing a child, struggling with relationships, or even getting sick and dying. He was human just like any of us and that cold fact, that hard fact that someone who seems like a fantastic creature, unreal and untouchable, could still be human and have struggles just like any one of us “normal” people… it makes us all feel the sting of death and of life I suppose.

Prince didn't know me, but at times he wrote things that changed me, enlightened me, and for that I am thankful to have known him.


There were others who have passed, David Bowie, Robin Williams and so many more that touched lives, made memories with people they never met. Their lives mattered, without them knowing us personally, they touched us because at a time that we needed to laugh, needed to sing our hearts out in the shower, or needed words that mattered, they were who we turned to.

I may never know the personal lives of those I reach here on my blog, I am pretty certain that I won't ever reach the number of lives that someone like Prince or Robin Williams did, but I can hope that maybe I might be able to bring some inspiration to maybe even one soul out there reading my words and for that, it is reason enough to keep writing.

Today, I am a bit sad that my chance to hear Prince live is gone, thankful the music that helped me get over breakups and taught me how to be comfortable with my own sexuality. I am proud of being part of kingdom of fans.

His life may transcend to a new place, but his music will live on.  Thank you Prince for all you have done.


6 thoughts on “Why Prince’s Death Sucks”

  1. Part of moving through life is touching other people. Music is such a powerful way to reach people. I can’t say that I am a Prince fan, but I have had the same kinds of experiences with music. It is terrible that another great talent has left us. Treasure what he has given you.

    1. I believe that music that touches us, makes a memory or brings you to a different place, is special. I didn’t really care for some of his later music, but there were some that sang to what I needed to hear. I am sure that is the same for others as well as we move through life. 😊

  2. I never followed his music but I really appreciated hearing your thoughts on the matter. Yes, many touch our lives and don’t even know it – same goes for our friends and acquaintances. You make a great point.

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