Better Blogging: Tweaking your Twitter

It took me a long time to warm up to Twitter. It felt awkward, impersonal, and as a writer I don’t like being restricted to only 140 characters. But when I started to actually use Twitter more, I have found that Twitter is one of the most valuable tools that a blogger has to engage readers, bring in new eyes, and to connect with your audience.

Since making Twitter a part of my blogging routine, I have found that it is one of the most important things I do in my work week. Not only am I able to connect with other bloggers and see what they are writing, I am able to connect with readers on a personal level.   I want to know them, and I love that I can be myself on Twitter as well.

Do your Twitter Followers know you blog?

Beyond asking your visitors to follow you on your blog, is your blog address easy to find on your Twitter account?

Your Twitter name doesn’t have to be the name of your blog, in fact many of us started using Twitter before launching our blog. But that doesn’t mean that your Twitter page can’t point in the direction of your blog and tell people what it’s about.

You want to make sure your blog is Twitter friendly, and your Twitter feed supports your blog.

Who are you?

You want your Twitter page and your Tweets to be a reflection of who you are, your blog, and interests.  Don’t be fake, that will just turn people off quickly.

Update your Twitter Bio to reflect who you want people to know you as.  Don’t be afraid to change that often.

Talk to other Tweeters!

Tweet! If you are just on Twitter to promote your latest blog post or to retweet the cool things other people say, you won’t have many interactions with your followers.  So go on, say something!

Comment on other Tweets too!  That was the hardest thing for me to start doing. I am an introvert and it was terrifying to start commenting on other tweets. But I realized that that was exactly what I needed to do in order to participate in the social part of Twitter. Guess what… it was awesome!

#Hashtags aren’t that hard

Hashtags are links to trending topics. When you click on a hashtag you are taken to all of the other Tweets that are also talking about that subject. If you aren’t using them, you are losing the opportunities to have readers check you out. Try to use 1-2 hashtags each tweet and see what happens!

Use Pictures in your Tweets

People are very visual. A picture will grab their attention faster than text.  So don’t fill your Twitter wall with line after line of boring text, links, and nothing visual to grab their attention.

One of my biggest mistakes was linking my blog posts directly to Twitter. Every time I would post, Twitter would just post the link.  I wasn’t getting any attention from Twitter at all. But after I started personally adding header photos and talking about the post along with the link, I started seeing people loving my twitter posts as well as tons of views from Twitter.

Have fun!

There are so many ways that Twitter can not only promote your blog, but also be a really enjoyable part of your day. Sometimes it feels like as bloggers we spend so much of our day promoting our blogs and feeling like we don’t see much from all of the work.

When you relax and enjoy the fun of social media along with promoting your blog, it feels less like work and more like the life we want for ourselves.

 If you would like to follow Dancing with Fireflies on Twitter, or just want to see what geektastic things I like to Tweet about, follow me @MorningTempest on Twitter.


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9 thoughts on “Blogging Basics: Tweaking your Twitter”

  1. I’ve always promised myself not to get involved with Twitter. I’m too much in and out blogging and I know it will be an easy place to lose hours and hours, wandering around. But then again, choosing anonymity and a completely separate blogging persona (the things teachers have to do to have a life of their own LOL), Facebook and its pages aren’t doing much for me. Maybe give Twitter a chance. Thanks for the advice! (And any tips on not fall into the pit of social media as a major time consumer – would be VERY welcome!)

    1. Well if you want to limit your Twitter time, don’t scan through and read all of the updates from other people.But it is hard to engage with other people without reading… I might have to think about this one.

      And… Yeah, I am going to think about your secret identity too. 😀

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  3. Twitter is something I haven’t found myself using as yet! i know it’s powerful to reach out to people but social media has never been my thing! I am pretty much like the guy in the movie Chef…wouldn’t know the difference between a personal and a public message 😀

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