Compliments from a stranger.

“You have gorgeous long hair, you know. “

That's what she said.. sweet, simple, powerful. I paused, looking around my office, wondering who she was and why in the world she might say such a thing.  Thoughtlessly I ran my fingers through my hair as I stared at the screen.  Why would a stranger be so kind? I scrolled up to see exactly why this stranger would make such a remark to my blog, was I offering a reward for making me feel completely caught off guard?  No… it was in comment to my post about beauty and not tearing ourselves down mentally.

Wow… I tried to think of a good response, I failed. Sputtering off something about feeling like my hair wasn't all that great, it was boring and plain, nothing with any sort of charm or character that would otherwise be memorable or even worth mentioning, most certainly it was never considered….. gorgeous.   I wanted to hug her, tell her what an incredibly wonderful thing to say, tell her that she made my whole day and how something so sweet like that was by far one of the most stunning moments I have had in a long time.  That her kindness brought tears to my eyes and confused me for such a reaction.

Compliments are hard to take, especially when you aren't sure you believe them. How many times recently have I passed by a dark window and saw my own reflection and turned my eyes away as I saw the woman in the glass looking similar to how I dressed that morning, but she looks tired, older, frustrated that somehow the years have gotten away from her and she no longer knows how to dress, how to style her hair, how to make her face look less like it does and much more like those beautiful girls with the big beautiful eyes and incredible character.

I looked to see what this sweet heart's blog was about and gasped to see the stunningly beautiful young woman smiling from her photo. I was instantly drawn to her amazing self-confidence and challenging smile.

Naomi could never have known how much her compliment meant to me as she wrote it.  But I hope she does now. Thank you, Naomi for making my whole day and for being wonderful.

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  1. It takes so little to gift someone with a compliment – doesn’t it? And look at all the benefit this particular compliment provided you. Our loved ones, best friends, acquaintances are more or less “required” to compliment us – but when a stranger provides a compliment – now THAT’S a compliment worth absorbing.

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