Spring time means babies! I love everything about babies.  From their tiny toes to their squishy bellies. I am a baby addict.


Just on my block, actually across the street from each other, two mothers have newborns.

It is so hard watching all of the new babies and not wishing I had one of my own. Even though at this point in my life I am closer to grandchildren than a newborn of my own. But that doesn't stop me from daydreaming.

Last week while having breakfast I saw a newspaper “ad”, it was one of those up for adoptions baby or child of the week.  I sat there staring at the article for a 2 year old special needs baby and actually pondered inquiring about his adoption. I didn't… reality set in and I let it go.

My husband and I have been home to 5 amazing kids. All of them have a different backstory as to how they came to call our hearts home. But I still miss having babies to rock.


Recently I've taken to babysitting newborns and babies just to get that baby snuggle time. I love the baby games and their laughter is addictive. I truly miss having little ones in my home.

Though I don't miss being woke up in the middle of the night, random puking just when I am ready to go out, or guessing who needed a diaper change.  For now I have stepped back from lead parenting and I am loving being an adoring Auntie.

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