This last weekend I flew down to Cali to visit a friend. We wandered through Berkley, Sausalito, and took a brief moment to see San Francisco. The weather was a bit cool, but still sunny and lovely enough for heading to the Farmer's Markets and walking through the neighborhoods in Berkley to enjoy the spring flowers.


I am a gardener. I fell in love with gardening as a small child and Spring is definitely my season.  That itch to start planting usually begins in the thick of winter, January snowy skies make me think of the spring bulbs I have planted in the fall and I can't wait to get out to see which ones will poke their heads up first.

One of the things that I found most incredible about Berkley is that in spite of the statewide drought, the plant life and gardens persevere.  Even though there are restrictions on watering, people are still turning every inch of their land space into living art.

It was also really interesting to see that they have community gardens, free for anyone who would like to come in and tend the garden.  You can take what you need, plant what you think would be good for the garden, and spend time in the midst of a community space where other like minded people gather.

I took so many pictures of the flowers and plants that I saw there.  I could really fill several albums with just plant photos.

Inspiration is everywhere in Berkley. There are so many creative and artistic people. I made so many notes about what I plan to do in my own garden this year.  From succulent planters, raised beds with proper drainage and recycling the water, to growing peppers and other vegetables in hanging planters.


While some of the beauty grows wild in California.  I am hoping that I can bring some of my blooming memories back to my own yard this summer.

Though my daydreams are always at the beach, I know that my heart will always be in Seattle.


Have you been to Berkley? What was your favorite spot?



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