I know.. I know.. I am a girl, I am supposed to like butterflies, rainbows, and poems.  I am supposed to have looked for a guy who likes long walks on the beach, making me dinner, and whispering sweet quotes into my ear as I drift off to sleep.  And I might get kicked out of the girl club for saying this, but I really can't stand poems.

April is National Poetry month.  All across the blogosphere people are giving their best shots at being a poet for the month.  Hell, even I did a challenge where I tried to lay down some poety stuff.. it sucked.. I sucked for writing it. I am pretty sure part of me died that day and at the minimum a large portion of my writing cred when down the drain.

I have given poetry a real chance.  In fact, Rumi is pretty awesome and I enjoyed a few of his poems like The Guest House. But it's rare for me to find a poem that I actually like.

So what is it that I despise so much about poetry?

I hate having to decipher what the hell the writer is talking about.  I am not a fan of the style of writing that poems like to follow.  I really don't like that I feel like I suck as a woman for not liking poetry.

Now I do actually like butterflies… they are cool, like little flying flowers that actually eat other bugs. “HA! NOT A FLOWER. NOW MEET YOUR DOOM!”

Rainbows are interesting.  You don't see them everyday… well, unless you are doing a pride thing.. or a gnome on a unicorn.. or.. never mind.. you could see them every day if you want.

I am not looking for a guy who likes long walks on the beach, my hubby has the attention span of a goldfish once we get to the beach.  He can handle about a minute walking in the sand before he's trying to figure out what's next and how long I want to be there, maybe even how long he has to pretend he's having a good time before I will let him do something else he actually wants to do. So I let him go make the dinner plans on his laptop while I enjoy the wind and water.

As for whispering sweet quotes into my ear as I drift off to sleep, that's just creepy… really.. it's weird.


So, are you a poet and know it?  Tell me why you like poetry!

Do you have a poem that you think might change my mind about poetry? Share it!
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9 thoughts on “Truthfully, I really don’t like poetry.”

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog. I think ;). It’s ok not to like poetry, not that you need my permission. But I would dare say there are a lot of girls that don’t like poetry and a lot of boy’s that do. You shouldn’t feel like you suck because you don’t like poetry. Life it too short to worry about what we’re supposed to like or not to like. 😉 I must confess that there is much poetry out there that I don’t really like – some of it is plain out crazy. I’m not really into worrying about the format of a poem – I think the best poetry is free. The poetry I like is not because it is poetry per se, but because something about it speaks to me. And I’m with you on not knowing what the author means, but that too, for me, is part of the joy, because I can put my own meaning on it. I like to dabble in writing, but I’m probably too simple to be considered a serious contributor to the poetry world in general. So I just write what makes me happy and don’t worry about the outcome.
    And, the husband / goldfish – true for me too – what is up with that? I can have a conversation with my husband before he goes to the store or local drive through, and he can come home with the wrong item every time. I’m learning to adapt. I’ll be back to visit again. Blessings!

    1. Awesome, I am not alone! I love your blog and I am glad you weren’t super upset with me for linking it up with my post.

      I think I’ll take your advice and check out a few more styles. Maybe I’ll find something I like too!

      And the husband thing? Meh.. lost cause! They only remember what they want to remember.. like when the next game is on and their gamer score!

      1. Not upset at all. I’m glad you linked – the “I think” was just an attempt at humor, because I found your title about not liking poetry and the fact that you linked rather funny. Links are always welcome – that means someone is reading and it exposes me to your readers and so on and so forth. I also clicked on some of your other links, so linking is a great way to find new blog friends. I will look forward to reading your blog again. 🙂

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