What do you look like?

I watched this video today and it made me cry. I am so guilty of this. I know I don’t see myself as my husband sees me, because I often look at him and wonder why he tells me I am beautiful, or how he could be with someone who looks like I do. I am guilty of looking at myself in the mirror as I am getting dressed and turning away so I don’t have to see the places that I don’t like.

As a woman I have made the mistake of going shopping and looking at the mannequins and trying on the clothes in those tiny dimly lit dressing rooms with the terrible mirrors and feeling as if I am so ugly that I just wanted to cry. But as sun dress season comes around again and I can no longer hide behind layers and bulky sweaters, I am glad I saw this video and I promise myself that I am going to try to see myself a little nicer.

Have a great day,


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