Spiced raisin soda bread

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I love this recipe. It is so simple, fresh, and I can see a few options for other things to switch out for the raisins. I am not a fan of raisins. But this is a cool recipe and I hope you will enjoy it and give To Eat and To Woo a look!

~ Crysta ~

to eat and to woo

IMG_4110I would like to think of myself as the type of person who bakes fresh bread now and then, but I might as well face it, I fall short in that area. I’ve had a packet of yeast in the cupboard for quite a long time now and if I’m honest with myself, it’ll probably be in there for a while longer. I know that one day I’ll do it, but right now, surrounded by washing up, building blocks and lunchtime debris, the last thing I can imagine doing is patiently waiting for a loaf to prove.

This soda bread recipe comes from the Ella’s Kitchen First Foods recipe book and it’s a winner all round. It’s really easy to make, my one year old daughter loves getting her gums round the lovely crust and getting it out of the oven makes you feel like a real, bona fide baker…

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  1. I found my way here through Ryan’s blog. I have to admit that the name attracted me the most! I love the name of your blog :)))) And your stuff is so fresh. It’s light-hearted and a fun read with a cup of coffee. I LIKE this space! I am going to look around a little bit and also follow you 🙂 Please drop by my blog for some light hearted reads inspired from everyday moments. Cheers 🙂

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