Guest Blog -Amazing Free Panoramic Views Over London

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Beautiful photos and fantastic blog, World Scratcher is a delightful blog. While we were in London, I really enjoyed the views of the city from several of these locations. I think the Tate Museum has one of the most impressive views.

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World Scratcher

If it’s easy to be impressed by London’s streets and architecture, imagine how amazing it would be to see all of that from above!

There are amazing panoramic views all over the city, from high points such as skyscrapers, hills and rooftops, however, it’s not worth it to pay for most of them. The view you have on the famous London Eye is almost the same, if not less impressive, that the one you have, for example, from the Walkie Talkie building. The difference between these two places is £19, an amount that you can easily save, if you do your research.

Since I’ve moved to London, I had the opportunity to visit some places with an amazing view over London’s skyline and didn’t paid a dime for it.  My friends sometimes ask me for alternatives to the popular ones, so I decided to share with you a little guide…

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