Travel Tips: Recommended by Forbes

I love the tips here for travelers like myself. Magical Journeys Travel has a great blog. Lots of tips and ideas for your next adventure.


Magical Journeys Travel

Forbes is now on the brink of releasing their Forbes Travel Guide’s 2016 Star Awards. Hotels, and destinations worldwide are annually inspected by undercover travel inspectors who rate, and review each location. Experiences are scored, and a short list is produced by Forbes, earning the chosen few a prestigious honor.

While Forbes hasn’t revealed the winners as of yet, it didn’t stop them from sharing the travel experiences of their inspectors from this past year.


rlWgMKEuMTS0LFV6rlWmnKcyVwc7VaqcMUEbVwbkZwNjYPWbMJyanUDvBwLjZU19YPWjLKEbVwbvnJ1uM2ImY3Olo2E1L3DipUWipTIlqTyypl84AQpipUWipP04ZwV0BF0kAQVmZwHkAGLjYKAlLl5dpTpvYPW2MKWmnJ9hVwbvVa0Getting immersed in nature at Ladera Resort Saint Lucia: The rooms at Four-Star Ladera are an incredible experience unto themselves — each comes with a private pool (some heated) and only has three walls, with what would be the fourth wall open to nature. You get stunning views of St. Lucia’s famed Pitons, and it’s magical to wake up to the sun rising over the ocean.

Surf lessons and catamaran cruises at…

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