Morning Routine

When I tell people I am a writer, I sometimes get the dreamy eyes and thoughts that what I do is something far more fantastic than it usually is. So I thought it might be fun to show you what I typically do.

7 AM

My children are all grown, but I still have one left in the nest who likes to take a VERY long time getting out the door. Which means she almost always misses the bus. So she and my husband drive to school. He says it is his time that he enjoys having her to himself before she heads off to college.

I think of it as him getting his chance to be fully hands on as a parent, something that was hard to do when he was working long hours and had a commute to work each day.

But it is my chance to sleep in a bit longer, take my time getting up, and enjoy the quiet of the morning. Because of having Chronic Lyme, mornings are always painful, sluggish, and not very much fun. So I am thankful for the chance to take it slow.  I get to enjoy kitty snuggles and the bed to myself.

My morning always starts with kitty snuggles.

7:30 AM

The typical bathroom thing.. brush my teeth, wash my face, take my meds, pull my hair up and head down to the kitchen for a latte.

Yes, I do have an espresso machine in my kitchen. My husband sees it more as a savings to our budget than a luxury. I LOVE a good latte in the morning and before we got our own it was a bad BAD bad habit of getting in the car and driving to the Starbucks for our morning coffee.  So instead we started first with a small espresso machine, then a Nespresso, and finally we moved up to a nice single pour espresso machine that I have to say makes a much better morning cup than you can get just about anywhere. Then with some lessons on how not to burn the milk while making the perfect foam, I became the house barista.

So each morning starts out with a small latte, my comfy couch, and my phone to start the morning work.

A morning treat - Star Latte
Yes, I made myself a star. Don’t judge. ;p

8:00 AM

Twitter is always first. I check my notifications, respond to Direct Messages, look at my follower numbers and then start scrolling through the feed.  I like to get a good idea of what is trending, reply to a few interesting tweets, make connections, and get a feel of what is happening.

Then I check Facebook and do basically the same thing as Twitter. Facebook is a little slower. But there I follow some other bloggers, so I get a chance to get updates and read their posts.

Really, this is my slow start to the day. I enjoy my coffee, scroll the through social media, and get ready to pick up the speed for the day.


9:00 AM

Breakfast, shower, and dressed for the day, I get to my home office usually around 9:00 ready for my day.

I start my playlist.  Weekly I change the list, but it usually includes Brandi Carlile, Carbon Leaf, Daniel and the Lion, and then a bunch of new music.  Recently I have a fixation on The 1975 and Pink. So those are on my current playlist. Depending on what I am writing, the music changes.

Back to social media –  Twitter focus.

5 Retweets – For me this means actually following the links, reading the articles, and scheduling my tweets.  I very rarely just RT.  I find that people who just mindlessly RT everything in their feed just annoy me and I don’t want to be one of those people.

Get 10% Off Your First Tea Collection Order with Email Sign-Up5 New tweets – From memes I made for myself, thoughts about what I am doing or seeing, or just updates of where I am going next.  I like to write 5 new tweets and schedule them.

5 Tweets about my Blog- This is how my followers know what I am writing. As a blogger, I see Twitter as one of the best ways to gain more readers. If I am constantly promoting other people,  I am not giving my work enough love.

Pinterest –

I take time every morning to make sure I have pinned my latest posts. Look at what is popular on Pinterest and get an idea of what is next for my own boards.

Every morning I take an hour to read and respond to messages and emails. As a writer I get a ton of management companies who want to represent or change something for me. Most of the time I just ignore, but a few I do actually respond to.

If you let them pile up, you get to the end of the week with a ton of messages or questions that need to be addressed. So I try to take at least an hour every day and get on Twitter and reply to messages, look at the comments on my blog and respond, then head over to Facebook and Instagram for some catch up. These are a must for everyone who relies on social media for their livelihood.

When the weather is warmer, I always move outside to work.

11:00 AM

Time to get up, grab a lemon water, and stretch!

Sometimes it is easy to get swept up reading blogs, tending social media, and distractions that pull my attention. So setting a time to get up, get a lemon water, and clear my head is a must.

Coconut Water Lemonade recipeThis refresh is when I like to get back to my desk and start the day’s post. Weekly I write 4 new posts. Mondays I post about Travel, Wednesdays are all about food blogging, and Fridays are for Freewriting and my favorite days to write. I also post one freelance piece a week for BlogHer or SheKnows.

So I have a lot of writing to do each week.  Getting distracted means that I have to make up that time somewhere else or work later in the evening.



Usually around noon I am in a good writing flow. But somehow when my husband works from home, he has a hard stop around noon for lunch. So when I hear him start to stir from his office, this is my warning that I need to find a good spot to stop writing.

If you aren’t enjoying your life, your family, your best friends. Then you aren’t living the best life you could be living. So I love when I hear him come into my office because as annoying it is to be interrupted, it is even better to be loved.  I will get the rest of my work done in the afternoon. But I will always take the break to make sure my family knows they come first.  Even if it is just playing ball with a bored puppy.  Love comes first!

And guess what.. it’s noon now. Time for puppy love and lunch!













  1. I’m a freelance writer, and was formerly doing beat reporting for a nearby college. I ended up leaving that job for many reasons, but trying to schedule writing for school and writing to get paid was so hard! I wish I’d read this is a few months ago, but I’m going to use it as inspiration for my blog and whatever Journalism I do over the summer.

    • That is really great that you haven’t given up. Writing is HARD work. I often think it is harder than most paying jobs, your paycheck depends on your thoughts being awesome. Sometimes my thoughts are… meh.

      Keep up the hard work and let me know how it goes!

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