February – App of the Month

I LOVE this app!

I am a big dog lover. I have a special love for rescue dogs. I firmly believe that when you rescue a dog from a shelter, they know you have saved their lives and they are forever grateful. All of my dogs have been rescues and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The often confusing side of adopting a rescue dog is actually knowing what breed of dog you have.

Sometimes you have an idea if the breed traits are obvious. But we have found with our own dogs, what you THINK you are getting isn’t always the case.

azIf you aren’t up to putting out the $75-120 for genetic testing to find out exactly what your dog’s breed is like we have for a couple of our dogs, you can try out this extremely accurate app from Microsoft that you can find on, also available for download for Apple and other devices.

You simply put in a photo of your dog and it will come up with the most likely breed for your dog.

So that is what I did for Kili who was SUPPOSED to be a small breed cocker spaniel that might only get to be 10lbs. Kili outgrew that breed in the first two months we had him and is now over 60lbs.

What is Kili’s real breed? Well I plugged in a photo of him and thinking there was no way his real breed would come out. We had him genetically tested a few months ago because of the growing concern for his rather large head.

Kili is a nova scotia duck tolling retriever! Could the app tell that from just his photo?

Yep! I was very impressed that no matter what photo I put in, his actual breed came right up.


I even tried a tricky one. My dog Wynter is larger than the typical Shiba Inu and an color unusual for her breed. But sure enough, it came through with not only her correct breed but personality traits that are true to our girl.

So what else did we try? Humans of course! This was very funny! My family and I giggled and tried a few photos and laughed at the breeds and characteristics that came out of our photos.

Great App and it’s Free!


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