The Tipsy Teapot – Books & Vegetarian spot

The Tipsy Teapot located in sweet small town Greenville, North Carolina has everything a bibliophile could ask for.

After asking the shopkeeper over at The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions where I could find a good iced tea, Michelle Puckett Jenkins directed me across the street to the almost hidden storefront of the Tipsy Teapot.

Michelle by the way is an awesome artist and if you are ever here in Greenville, NC I hope you will stop in her shop and wander to the back to see her artwork.

Pushing open the door you can’t help but to feel you have stepped into a friendly place filled to the ceiling with local art work, teapots, and high shelves full of books.

The rustic hardwood floors no doubt have their own stories to tell of the unique characters that frequent this place.  Friendly and helpful, the lovely young woman at the counter quickly helped me settle on a black bean burger wrap and a sweet passion fruit tea.

Within minutes she had both out to my table before I could pull out my laptop and choose a book from the thousands there were to browse through. Clearly homemade, the black bean burger wrap was fresh and very flavorful.  Packed full of cucumbers, tomatoes, and of course a tasty black bean burger, my lunch was exactly what I had been craving for days.

The cool not too sweet flavor of the caramel colored passion fruit tea was refreshing and went very well with the spices of the burger. I would highly recommend you give this duo a try.

Even though this place has a homey old fashion flair, the Wi-Fi was fast and free and they took credit!

More of a community centerpiece, this coffee and tea shop serves as a meeting place for the LGBT groups, The Witches Ball, Asian Student Union Party and Square Dancing!

Not just great for reading, this place has a great food selection as well. I saw the soups for tomorrow…Asparagus Bisque flavored with shrimp and smoked salmon, a classic Hambone, and a tasty vegan Cauliflower.  There are also a selection of sandwiches and salads for both veggies and carnivores.

So take a chance, check out The Tipsy Teapot the next time you are wandering through North Carolina!


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