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Leibster Award - Discover New Blogs

Most bloggers who have been around awhile have heard of the Leibster Award.  It is an honor passed from blogger to blogger, honoring the blogs you feel are up and coming, deserve some praise, and also a chance to get to know each other better.

Most of the time the Leibster Award is given to bloggers who have less than a certain number of readers.  Recently that has been a certain amount of Twitter followers.  But it is usually for the new bloggers. However, since Alhana06– a sweet new blogger who writes “A Writer’s Heart” nominated me for this award, I will honor her with accepting and passing it along.

10 Things About Me:

  1. I have 5 great kids. All of them different, smart, funny, and loved deeply.
  2. I am married to a wonderful man who through the years has learned to love my quirkiness.
  3. I love all animals. But my best girl is my dog Wynter.
  4. Wynter is my service dog that I have for Lyme Disease related issues.
  5. I never finished college
  6. I love Roleplaying games! ( No, not the sex games. )
  7. My best friend of 20 years and I have never met in person. YET.
  8. I am scared of clowns.
  9. I don’t drive at night.
  10. I LOVE latte’s but dislike drip coffee.


Here are the Rules:

Acknowledge the blog that nominated you, and display the award!

Answer the 11 questions that the blog gives you.

Give 10 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5-11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.

Let the bloggers know you nominated them. Give them 11 questions to answer!

Blogs I nominated:


The writing of Daniel R. Jones

My Questions!

  1. What made you start writing?

I have always been a writer. I started writing as a child because I moved around a lot and didn’t really make friends of my own. I loved books and the idea of being able to create my own worlds, create friends that I would never have to leave, and go on adventures within the pages of my own books. That love never stopped and I am still creating adventures, making friends, and living in a world of my own creation.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve for your significant other, or your dream date? Why?

Wow, this one could get me into trouble! LOL! Well I have been married a very long time. But my biggest pet peeve is still the fact that he bites his nails. It drives me up a wall. In fact, I notice people’s hands and nails first. And I can tell quickly if someone is a nail biter.

3. What would be your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be traveling with all of my closest friends to a seaside village where the local people were friendly, the food is flavorful, and the beaches were clean and waters warm.

4. What band would you love to see in concert?

I actually attend a lot of concerts. I have seen most of my dream bands in concert except for Train. I LOVE Train and I would really enjoy seeing them play live.

5.What is your favorite book?

The Velveteen Rabbit has been one of my favorite books for many years, especially once I became an adult and began to value the authentic REAL people in my life.

6.Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

My Gram has always been my biggest inspiration. She was brave enough to raise me after not only raising her own children, a grandchild, but then took me into her arms and raise a great-grandchild. She was beautiful and wise, kind and gentle. And everything I do, I wonder if it would make her proud.

7. Who was the first Author you read?

Charles M. Schulz – The author of the Peanuts.  I loved reading the comics in the paper as a little girl. Snoopy, or as I called him… Snoosney, was my favorite.

8.What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I love my creativity. A lot of people want to be more creative, want to write, want to appreciate things more deeply. I love my acceptance of beautiful things and of being a creative person. Even when it is often a distraction.

Well, that was fun! Now I send my favorite new bloggers out on a mission of their own with these questions.


1.) What made you start writing?

2.) Who are your favorite Bloggers?

3.) What style of writing do you enjoy writing?

4.) What music is on your writing playlist?

5.) What is your favorite quote of all time?

6.) Why are you a writer?

7.) Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

8.) What is something you have written that you wish you hadn’t?

9.) Tell me about a blog post you have written that got more attention that you thought it would?

10.) Where do you see your blog in 10 years?

11.) Is this the life you thought you would have when you were 9?



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