Love’s Conflict

I love the dance and flow of this delightful piece from Traveling In The Mind. Read and let us know your thoughts.

Traveling In The Mind

Born inside the wilderness, I was merely a child

But, stolen by the thief – he made me wild

He taught me his cunning skill

So I began to steal, destroy, and kill

I was unstoppable until I met You

Coming in a different shade and hue

You told me of adventure and life

Then began cutting me with your knife

I cried out for help, but you muzzled me.

Of all situations, how did I not foresee?

Then You gave me up to the thief

Thus, shattered my sturdy belief.

I thought You were my hope and love

But, it turned out to be: ‘neither of the above’

So I began planning a moment of revenge

But discovered a tremendous change

The revenge shifted onto the thief instead

And made him shout in anger until he fled.

Then You returned with a smile on Your face

Which I hated…

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