Nicholas Andriani - world traveler, author, artist and foodie.

Nicholas Andriani – Author, Traveler,Artist

Nicholas Andriani - world traveler, author, artist and foodie.
Nicholas Andriani – world traveler, author, artist and foodie.


Creativity comes in many forms, some are writers, some are artists, and some see a magical blend of life and art and bring it to others in different ways. I discovered Nicholas Andriani recently and fell in love with his blog instantly. The one passage that drew me in and made me stay was this.

Don’t be victimized by the culture of fear. Our planet is waiting to be explored, to reveal it’s secrets to you, to me, to any who dare ask, it will expose you to the raw truths of life. To the quarks of distant cultures and alien tongues. To disgusting foods and delicious cuisines, to dangerous and countless blessings.

That was I became a fan of Nicholas and his travels.  Nicholas is a Travel writer, Arabist, Archaeologist, and a lover of life, food, and the people of Earth. Not only was he gifted with dashing good looks, but he is really a nice and funny guy.

I have been amazed by his bravery. In 2012 he bought a one-way ticket to Casablanca, Morocco! Who does that?  He then picked up an Arabic dictionary and enrolled in an archaeological field school in the Middle East even in spite of the fearful nature of the rest of the world against the Middle East. I am captivated by his travels and adventures, and I know you will be too when you check out his blog,

One of my favorite features of his blog is that like me, Nicholas is a foodie. His explorations have included some unusual dining pleasures. Until I read his blog, I had no idea what a Tagine was or how important it is to Middle Eastern cooking. I love his recipe for what looks like a very flavorful fish with vegetables and lemons. I might have to try that one myself!

Nicholas is one of my inspirations for traveling more, blogging about my adventures, and for being brave enough to do something out of the box with your life.

I certainly look forward to reading his book, also entitled Yallah Bye when it comes out. I am thrilled to have found this fascinating new blog and I hope you will as well.  Don't forget to check him out on Facebook  or Twitter!  There are a lot of great photos and interesting posts on his social media that you won't find anywhere else.



February 17, 2014 at 11:17 am

Crysta, I’m extremely honored and uplifted by the praise here. Thank you for taking the time to tag along as I explore the world on and off-line and I look forward to following you as well. And you know, we’ll have to swap recipes and gastronomic adventures sometime. 😉

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