Ready to go Again

Travel quote - Rumi

December was a crazy month. With travel to both Arizona and Maryland, we were gone a lot. But now I am back at my desk and it feels like I am already itching for another adventure.

Maybe it’s the snowy skies and sweater weather, but I am ready to get out of here and hit the beach.

That’s the hard thing about traveling so much, when you get home you are either in a funk and never want to leave again. Or you get home, finish laundry and unpacking and you are ready to do it again.

But I have a lot of writing to catch up on. For now, I have to stay put and get some work done.

I am however really excited for one trip already planned to Austin, Texas to attend a blogging conference. THAT sounds like so much fun and I am excited to meet other bloggers and attend the sessions.

But today, I would rather grab some coffee and my fuzzy blanket while searching for my next adventure.

Maybe California?

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