Dear Dance

I love letters like this. They are truthful and beautiful.


Dear Dance,

It’s been a long ride. You were there from the start, and I can say I’m glad to have you along my side through this journey we call life. There were times when I hated you, and times when I thought I lost you. But you always came back. Dear Dance, thank you for teaching me compassion. Thank you for providing me with the chance to feel good in my own body; during times where I hated the way I looked in the mirror. As dancers we are surrounded by mirrors our whole entire career. Surrounded by our own reflection as well as the reflection of other dancers and the constant temptation and urge to compare yourself to those around you.

Her turn out is better.

Why doesn’t my stomach look like that?

Her legs are so lean.

Why doesn’t she have that extra skin under her arm…

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