I've been trying to put together thoughts about the recent bursts of tragedies.  But it's hard when day after day there is another attack, another tragic and pointless event happening not only around the world but here in America. It's hard to even form a decent thought that isn't full of anger, heartbreak, and truthfully fear.  I fear for my children when I am not with them.  I fear for my husband when he goes to work.  And that is truly the point of terrorism, to cause fear.

Today, once again gunmen have walked into a public area and terrorized our country.  At least 14 people won't be coming home tonight or ever again.  I am sickened by this, by our lack of action to stop these things from happening again when it just happened last week and the week before.

This has to stop.

I don't want my children to become desensitized to this violence! Yet, I don't want them to live in a state of fear and panic.

There is no quick answer.  Placing blame on any particular faith, country, or gender isn't solving the problem. We are living in a very violent time. Something is going to change, and sadly change never comes easy.

I don't have a simple answer, or even a plan.  I only know that tonight I want to hold my family close. Let them know that I love them.  And most of all I pray for Peace, not just here in our small corner of the planet, but around the world for all mothers who are fearfully trying to hold their families together.  For the fathers trying to be brave and do anything they can do protect those they love, I send my thoughts.


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