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I'm a mother of five kids who somehow all managed to make it through infancy, toddlerhood, tweens, teens and some even into their 20s. I know firsthand that if there are rules to break, you will at some point break them before they leave the nest. Before becoming a mother, I had the list of rules that I would never break as a parent. Things that I swore I would do differently than my own upbringing went on that list.

I swore I'd never send my child to bed without dinner. I'd never scream at them. I'd never raise a hand to them. I'd be nice all of the time. However, the reality is that there are moments when those rules bend. My children, four boys and finally a little girl, were not angels. In fact, each of them challenged not only my parenting, but my sanity.

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2 thoughts on “How breaking my parenting rules made me a better mother”

  1. Your post made me laugh …and cry. I am at that point with my 16 year old daughter and your words really hit home with me. It is not easy being a mother. There are days when I feel awful about it. Then I realize that not one of us are perfect, and we all learn as we go. It is nice to hear your story that is linked so closely to what my life is like right now. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Nobody told us when we were holding our tiny babies that we would face the things we do as parents of teens. It’s so hard when all we want to do is to pull them back in our arms and hold them close for a while. Yet all they want to do is go to the Mall.. alone.. without us. It gets better, but it takes time.

      Thank you for reading.

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