At first glance it could really go any direction, a NaBloPoMo just sounds dirty to me. Sometimes, it is. NaBloPoMo is a challenge I do each year through BlogHer. Each day of the month you write a new blog post. You write every day… without complaints, without reason, and sometimes without a filter, and to me that kind of running to the finish line is always awesome.

When you write every day, you are forced to face the fact that some days you don't really have anything witty, smart, or interesting to say at all. I'm an emotional writer. I write exactly what's on my brain at the moment I sit down. Sometimes you get my poetic, romantic, girly writing, sometimes you get no-nonsense and other times you get me staring at this blank screen thinking of how much I want a donut.

Things I know about Blogging daily

I've been a blogger long enough to know and understand that you won't write a masterpiece every morning. Listen to me! There is nothing at all wrong with that.  Not everything you write needs to be published, but publishing more than you delete is a must. When you get into a really good routine of writing daily, you start to see who you are as a writer, when your best hours are, and certainly what not to post.

Being a part of a group inspires you

My first year doing the NaBloPoMo I was sure that I needed to write the most epic posts each morning in order to be seen as an authentic blogger in the community. I managed to make it about 1 week before I was finished with the whole thing. I quit before I really got started. What I failed to see was that I didn't have to meet my blogging goal alone. When you take part in this challenge you are running this word race with thousands of other bloggers just like yourself who also just want to make it to the finish and the pros who know that they will not only make it to the finish but they are here to cheer for everyone else as well.

Don't cheat, you only hurt yourself

We've heard that our entire lives and still there is that tiny voice in your head that thinks “Hey, maybe I can just edit and rewrite this old post and call it a day!”  Yes, I've done that and when I looked back at the month of blog posts, those were the ones I actually wished I would have left for other months.  There is nothing wrong with going back through your old posts, being your own editor and making a post new, relevant, and working it into your scheduled posts.  However NaBloPoMo is about digging in there and pushing out new content, pulling out the words you have locked away for a rainy day and rising to the challenge. Don’t cheat.

There are hidden advantages of the NaBloPoMo challenge.

The most unexpected thing I've learned from doing the challenge is who I want to be as a professional blogger. Taking part in this challenge is more than just writing every day. The best part is reading some of the other challenger’s blogs, commenting on everything I read, getting to know other writers, and being a part of a community.  When you are reading new blogs every day, you will start to see what you like and honestly dislike about their blog and yours. You will see how their writer's voice either shines through their blog or gets lost in the distance. These are defining moments for YOU as a blogger.  This is a beautiful chance for you to see what you really love about being a blogger and what sets you apart from the others.  Why do people want to read what you have to say? What will draw them back tomorrow to see what you wrote?

During the month, I know there will be great posts and there will be little ones that tell the story of my run to the finish line. Like any other runner, there will be moments when I am so excited about the challenge that I'll feel like I am in first place.  And somewhere close to the end, like thousands of others I know and accept that I might not have the strength to do much more than smile, beg for a donut, and hope that when I look up at the finish line there will be someone I know cheering for me too.

Good luck everyone!

~ Crysta

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9 thoughts on “What the hell is a NaBloPoMo?”

    1. Every year I see a lot of recycled posts for the challenge. And it’s easy to think that’s what you should do. But your regular readers have already enjoyed those posts, they want something new. This is the fun part. Thanks for your thoughts! Let’s rock this!

  1. Hi Chrysta
    I really enjoyed this post, as someone just embarking on this challenge having made excuses for 7 years or so it is so nice to have some straight forward and honest advice to encourage and motivate

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