Change is never easy.  I'm one of those people who both love and hate change. I love the possibilities, encourage change, and I can see that moving forward would really do amazing things for this blog's future and my writing career. But now moving forward, it is also scary to think of having to start something new, build new followers, the unknown.

WordPress was my first blog platform.  No, LiveJournal doesn't count, neither did Myspace, those were dumb.  WordPress was my first blog world, and from there I've met some wonderful people, wrote some amazing articles, and realized that over the last few years I do have a talent for blogging that I would like to see take some more independent steps.  Yes, I would like it to actually start make a little money.

So after 800 posts, here on WordPress, I am now thinking it might be time to self host. There are opportunities to try some new things, share my Etsy shop, and make some needed changes. I know it won't be easy, but I am excited about the idea.

Here's what I need from you. I love reading your blogs, replying to your comments, and knowing that you are still out there reading my blog. So once it's up and running, I'd love to know what you think.  Your input is valuable and I would love to know what your thoughts are.

In addition to moving, Dancing with Fireflies will be back to searching for Guest Bloggers, Blogs to highlight and show off to thousands of readers, and more regular interactive events.  I've started writing for SheKnows.com and BlogHer.com and on the new platform I'll be able to share more of the articles I've written for them as well as cool articles by amazing word artists on those two blog arenas.

WordPress is great.  It's a wonderful place to start off, grow, and learn about what you really want in a blog. I highly recommend them and I've loved every minute of my blog life here with you.  I will still be writing here, and keeping you updated on the progress of the transition.  I'll be keeping my URL FireFlyDance.net, so please bookmark that and as soon as the other site is ready, you will be the first ones to get to see it.

Let me know what you think!


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2 thoughts on “The Future of DWF”

  1. You were always self hosting right? Your blog address never had WordPress.com

    Well, any who as for the guest blogs, I would love to write for you if you like it. I also am trying to attract guest bloggers.

    How did you start writing for other websites?

    1. No, I have a domain registered, FireFlyDance.net. But WordPress hosts my site.

      I would love to have you do a guest blog spot for us. We used to do a lot more guest blog spots. I love showing off the amazing talents of other writers.

      Getting guests to share isn’t a huge effort, I can show you how if you like.

      I started writing for other websites through guest blogging, then gaining a reputation, building a following on social media, then I accepted a few offers from larger sites and there you have it.

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