How To Be Confident #LiveFearless

Do something that challenges you! I love this brave girl’s blog.

Hannah Witton

This post is sponsored by Bodyform BodyForm

Bodyform are running a campaign called #LiveFearless about empowering women to be their best selves, live fearlessly, bravely and without inhibitions. Which is an idea I think we can all get behind!

For some reason, a lot of people online come to me for advice. Unfortunately, I can’t respond to everyone’s individual questions but I thought I would answer one that I get all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME. You guys have noticed, and rightly so, that I am a confident person and you often ask me how I’m so confident and open and if I have any tricks and tips. When I first got these questions, I had literally no idea how to help because I always assumed that I was just a naturally confident person. I didn’t have any advice on how to go from being not confident to…

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