Double Standards.


I wouldn’t call myself a die hard feminist. But I do agree in the fundamental point feminists believe in. I believe that BOTH men and women should be equal – in a professional, a social, a political, an economical, a cultural environment.

However, feminism has always had a bad rep. I think one thing we should get clear is that feminists do not hate men. Yes there are SOME feminist that hate men (who should be called misandrists), but that’s like saying there are SOME elderly people who hate hard metal/contemporary music. You can’t generalise a group.

For example, if you just type the world feminism into Google, within 30 seconds you can find hundreds of articles on ‘Why feminists are just angry, ugly women.’


Just because a woman has an opinion doesn’t mean she is a bitch. – Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The word ‘opinionated’ itself…

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