Women, You’re Not “Just” Anything

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Three Boys and a Mom

I hear it everyday, multiple times a day. Walking down the halls of work. In the check out line at the grocery store. Sitting in a room with a patient. And in between my own ears.

“I’m just a _____.”

Women do this all the time. We diminish our roles, and through that, our very existence. It’s not even a conscious word in our vocabulary, but when we add a “just” in before whatever word fills in that blank, we are stripping ourselves of value.

Here’s all I want to say.

Women, you are not “just” anything. Whatever fills in that blank for you holds deep meaning and value. Whatever role God has you in, it’s powerful. Whatever season of life you are in, it matters.

You’re not “just” a wife. You’re not “just” a mom. You’re not “just” a friend, a daughter, a sister, a co-worker. You’re not “just”…

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