So I have joined BlogHer and become one of their promoted writers.  I am still writing for Dancing with Fireflies, but I am also writing for BlogHer. So if you are a BlogHer fan, please come check me out there and see what other articles I might be writing.

Writing for BlogHer might be a little different.  I feel like there is a different sort of strong female, family, motherhood vibe over there.  While I still love writing fiction, thoughts, and sharing random coolness here on DWF.  So, this means that with some luck and a lot of support, I might actually start making some money or at least some internet high fives.

Why write for BlogHer?  Well… I actually thought about that myself for a while.  And it has a lot to do with achieving my dreams of being a better writer and one day getting to a place where I can write something worth reading. Writing comes naturally to me, writing well takes a little more skill that I am hoping to achieve. So I need to write more, write with better effort, and we will see what happens!

Anyways, that's what's up with THAT!

<3 C.


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