I'll admit it. I have a hard time passing up a good challenge. I even take those quizzes that tell you who you were in a past life  or what kind of dog you should own. So when I got the challenge by ladyleemanila  to do the Love/Hate challenge I was both excited and trying to figure out how to add this to my list of things I needed to do today.  But thanks for the challenge!

In this challenge, I have to list ten things that I love and then ten things that I hate. Then, I’ll nominate 10 bloggers to do the same. Here goes:


1. I love my children, even though they are all grown up now. They are still the reason I get up every morning and fight to be a better person than I was the day before.

2. My husband is amazing.  He is always surprising me with something.

3. My family, those amazing people who are a part of my life.  All of them by choice have accepted their own challenge to be a part of my world and it's craziness.

4. My dog.  My co-pilot and best friend has never left my side, forgives me easily, and never holds grudges when I hang out with other people instead of her.

5. My home is my safe place, my sanctuary.  I actually love being at home and when I have to travel I spend half the time wishing I were back home.

6. I love that I was blessed with the best role model, my Gram, who taught me about the kind of woman I would one day become.

7. Chocolate flows through my blood.  I love good, rich, chocolate.. dark, milk, white.  I love it.

8. I love the support that I get from my friends and family to pursue my dreams of being a writer/blogger.  Without them, I probably would be miserable dreaming of what I could have done.

9. I love my life.  I know it sounds conceited, but I really have a great life. I have so much to be thankful for and I know I am truly blessed to be here.

10. And I love the internet. This creation has given me friends, family, and the world at my fingertips.


1. I have a hard time with hating anything. So the first thing I would say I hate is that the word is so easily used as a weapon, as a tool, and so casually. A friend of mine once got very upset with one of my sons when they were little for saying ” I hate you.” in a temper tantrum. He very gently picked my son up, held him face to face and said “Hate for something that you wish never existed, something you want dead. Please never ever use that word.”  To this day almost 20 years later, neither my sons or I will ever forget that moment or the power of the word.

2. I dislike that we are pressured as women to be “nice” and pretend that we are always gentle and kind.  I would rather women be taught to be true to their own personalities and love who they are.

3. I dislike that women and girls are blamed for being distractions to men both in the schools and in the workplace.

4. Blaming the victims of rape, abuse, and violence for what happened to them is wrong.

5. I recently watched The Imitation Game, which I highly recommend.  But I was horrified by the fact that brilliant men and women through history have been demonized for being gay. Their contributions to history wiped away and buried because of something that has nothing to do with their brilliance. It's beyond wrong.

6. I hate the continued hate and disregard for human life that continues against Jews and Israel. Once again the contributions that are ignored that are world changing just because of who they are, not their incredible minds that can help millions.

7. I am regularly frustrated by people. I have a hard time when rudeness and intolerance is accepted as commonplace. Look at how people talk to each other in the comment sections of any news report on the internet. It's shameful.

8. I hate that we have become a world of negative emotions that are welcomed and encouraged.  “I hate my Ex …” or “I hate my job.” even ” I hate my country.”  You don't have to be fake nice, but you don't have to spread hate around either.

9. A little closer to my heart… I actually hate Lyme disease and living with an illness that is both exhausting and painful to not just myself but to my family. I could go on and on about this one. But instead I'll just say that one day we will find a cure. Until then, I'll keep fighting.

10. I hate that some days my day just gets away from me and I don't have enough time or energy to get everything done.  But, this was fun and a good way to reflect on what's important.

So now I will challenge some of my favorite bloggers to take the challenge themselves and see what they come up with!











Good Luck Everyone!

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