The War Against People

The Compulsive Explainer

This is going to be hard to explain unless you already understand it – and only need to be reminded. But it’s going to be hard to differentiate it from a paranoid personality disorder, as listed in the DSM.

I cannot resist quoting from the Wikipedia article here:
According to clinical psychologist P. J. McKenna, “As a noun, paranoia denotes a disorder which has been argued in and out of existence, and whose clinical features, course, boundaries, and virtually every other aspect of which is controversial. Employed as an adjective, paranoid has become attached to a diverse set of presentations, from paranoid schizophrenia, through paranoid depression, to paranoid personality—not to mention a motley collection of paranoid ‘psychoses’, ‘reactions’, and ‘states’…
In other words, mental illness is extremely hard to define. And my talk of the War Against People can easily sound like a mental illness. Nevertheless, I will…

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