“Ohhh she's so nice!” 

“She's the nicest person I know.”

“She has a perfect life.”

These things are never said about me. That's because I gave up being fake about who I really am and started loving the real me.


I am not always nice, sometimes it happens. But I am known for being fair, honest, and knowing what my limits are.  In fact, trying to be nice all the time is really not my thing. I am who I am, and that’s really all I can be. I have never been able to deal with those people who are always spouting off compliments, praising everything, and never have a flaw. I am not one of those women. I am honest, to the point where sometimes I am sure it can be offending. But I truly prefer people who are real to those who spout off fake nice.

02aYou know the type I am talking about.  They are the braggers on Facebook, the tweeters that are always tweeting gushie nice things, the people who have pages dedicated to making memes of quotes that are filled with flowers and motivational nonsense. These are the people who one day crack and go on a rampage throwing fruit in the isle of the Piggly Wiggly.

As a writer, I am always looking at personality types.  And I’ve come to realize that the ones who are always blowing rainbow farts are usually the first ones I’d kill off in my novel. There has to be a point when you just can’t take any more of the fake nice and you get to have a little fun in your writing.  Creative writing gives you the chance to be in control over your world of characters and plots.  And it is one of the many reasons that I love being a writer.

Did you know that more people will actually check out your blog when you write something that isn’t fluffy and cute?  I’ve loved the hits I have gotten through the years over an article I wrote about people talking shit on Facebook. It always amuses me how many times a week people are actually searching blogs for “people who talk shit on Facebook”.   I had to laugh my ass off last week when a quirky little facebook page actually went on a tirade about my blog because I wasn’t huffing fairy dust over their sweetness.  They had their panties so twisted that they sent over dozens of their minions to tell me that I am not nice.  It hurt my feelings… I cried a little.  Actually no, I laughed because all of the comments were really funny coming from chronic smilers.  Because they took off their little brownie beanies and tried to put on fighting gloves saying that I am not nice and I shouldn’t say things that weren’t nice.  And I believe I might have been called a Meanie Head. Yeah.. that’s me.. a Meanie Head.  HA!

02aRecently a popular show enraged viewers by having one of their beloved characters raped on her wedding night by the man everyone knows is evil and horrible. Blogs went into high gear writing about how they will never promote the show again. Fans tweeted how mad they were that this happened.  People were pissed off.  And even though it was negative attention, the attention to the show was noticeable. I even went to watch the clip to see what all of the fuss was about. I realized that even though the show is known for being brutal, ruthless, and has had other rapes, murders, and tortures, people were still surprised. However, I am sure this isn’t going to draw the writers into suddenly adding unicorns that run through the castles followed by happily ever endings for everyone. Nobody likes fake nice.

So I challenge you to write authentically.  Write about real things, real emotions, and create characters that aren’t nice.  Write things that people actually want to read and relate to.

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