Weekly Writing Challenge – The Marble

For today’s challenge I want you to imagine yourself as an intricate marble. Describe to us what colors you, as a marble, shimmer with.  Are there cracks?  Can you see through it? What does this marble feel like?  Now place it in a box filled with items that tell a story about your life.  What does it feel like in there? Is it crowded or empty?

Don’t forget to post it on your blog or your Facebook and post the link here in the comment section.  You can also post your links on our Facebook page

To participate, tag your post with FireFlychallenge and include a link to this post to generate a pingback. Your posts DO NOT have to specifically written in response to this challenge. We love reading great pieces and all are accepted! 

Want others to critique it?  Let us know that too!

Have a great week!

~ C. ~


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