5 things I can and will do better in 2015


Throughout the blogosphere blogs are writing about New Year’s Resolutions that people will and will not make stick. There are articles about how people are not making resolutions, diets that people will read and tell themselves they will try, and by the end of the year a long list of things that others wish they had done and didn’t do. This is sort of like that… but not really.

In reality, I am just like everyone else. I want to see January first not only as a good day to sleep in, but a day that all of my mistakes for the year before are wiped clean and I get to set a new plan for the year. However, I am old enough to realize that at this point in my life, I need to think of things a little differently. So instead of making resolutions, I am looking for things that I can do better this year.


I can be better at writing on a regular routine.  

V__68AFI am a writer by nature.But somewhere this year I fell into a slump with my writing and I fell out of practice. I am the first one to say that in order to be a better writer, and we all can afford to be better at our craft, you have to do it daily. However, this year I made a lot of excuses for my Writer’s block that weren’t really all that good. Writing doesn’t take long. Not everything has to be a great work of art. But getting out of practice with writing is just as difficult for a writer to get back into as a runner who suddenly takes a year off from running to sleep on the couch while watching endless episodes of House on Netflix all day. It sucks. Setting a regular routine for writing, putting it into your schedule, and making it happen is as important to someone who wants to be a writer as a runner getting out and just running.

Looking for something to write about? This year we will go pack to posting a weekly writing prompt. We would love to see what you are writing!


I will put some of those organizing tricks into play.    

I love.. really LOVE Pinterest. I can spend hours looking at all of the great ideas, crafts, recipes, and yes… organization tricks. In fact, if I were to take all of the time I spend on Pinterest looking at how to be more organized, and actually put those things into action.. I would probably be the most organized woman on the planet.

I am a very creative person. I love seeing my work when it’s finished. So this year I am going to blend some of those creative ideas and best organizing practices into a better organized life. You might even see some of those organizing projects here or on my other blog, MTS-Check it Out.

However, I am guilty of loving an idea. And then it’s gone.

Organizing isn’t just about physical things, perhaps it is time to clear out some of the mental clutter and chaos? Do you have something holding you back from who you want to become? For the some, the past is a great source of inspiration for writing, but sometimes it can also hold you back from becoming who you know you would rather be in life. What is holding you back?

Facebook is NOT my best friend.
Last year I made some very big changes. I moved away from friends and family to a new state and now I am starting fresh. But I still miss knowing what is going on in the daily lives of those people I am close to. And I became very addicted to Facebook. I even started playing some of those time sucking games while I waited for people to post something relevant to what I felt like I was missing from them. I became a Facebook Addict.

I lost so much time waiting that I really lost contact with what is really important to me. I need to make new friends and make time to get out to see them. I need to read books that have been on my “must read” list. And most of all, I need to spend time away from the digital world.

But, that being said, I will still be updating the DWF Facebook page often. So check it out.

I can take time to breathe.

Like a lot of people, I am really bad at actually BREATHING. Yeah, that sounds weird. And I know that I am breathing right now. But the fact is, most of us are shallow breathers and we just need to relearn how to focus our minds on breathing in the good and letting go of the bad in our day with our own breath. Breathing is one of those things that are a reflection of who we are.

Are you taking short, uncentered breaths? I know most of the time I am just barely breathing at all, just small short life supporting breathing that doesn’t really give me enough oxygen to support creative thought and most certainly not enough to give me the energy to do anything with them. When you take time to actually focus on your breathing, you are taking time for yourself. We all need to take more time for making ourselves feel and BE better. Now.. breathe!


I can pay more attention to what comes into my thoughts.

If you watch TV, read the Internet, or spend any time on Facebook, you will see that there are so many negative things flowing into our brains daily. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed with the amount of BAD that we are faced with every single day. It’s no wonder why people are so depressed, we can’t really get away from the news that society pretty much sucks.

This year I am making a bigger effort to filter what comes into my thoughts. Some may say that I am living in a bubble filled with delusions that this is a better place, well who cares? I’ve lived long enough knowing how bad people can really be, I don’t need to see the graphic details of it.

Like a lot of people, depression can easily set in with me. I have a family history of depression, and a disease that has a major symptom of depression and anxiety. I know that I have to be very careful not to let the darkness of the world weigh on me like a heavy wet blanket. I have a lot of tools to fight those feelings – candles, music, friends and family. But I think it is time for me to get rid of some of those other negative feeders and turn towards the great inspirations that are happy to take the place.

So that’s it. Those are the things that I can do better this year. No diet fads, promises to travel more, or new hairstyles. Just things that I know I can do. What changes do you think you would like to make this year?


  1. Beautiful goals for the New Years. I hate resolutions as well cause no one ever sticks to them. Improvements are always a great way to go and something I am also working on. This year is about back to learning Italian, writing more and being happier with my life. I loved your idea about breathing as well. I am guilty of skipping my morning mediation for other things. Time to get back to it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    • I think that morning meditation is one of the most remarkable ways to get the day started. You can’t help but to let your mind go to a better place.

      Thanks for reading today!

  2. Some great goals! I want to try and get organised as well, but I didn’t think about trying to filter what comes into my thoughts. It’s one of those things that I have never really thought of but it may help my stress levels during the year. Thanks!

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