Lyme disease and Winter don’t mix

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The weather has turned cold and rainy, days of sun and warmth are slowing down.  I know the cold weather is coming, I can feel it in my aches and pains. It's going to be a long winter.  Thankfully I know to be prepared.

Yesterday I found my heating pad and took some time with my feet up after my physical therapy appointment. I have to say, my chiropractor has actually helped me keep my Lyme symptoms down.  Whenever I am feeling tight or aches start to get me down, she's been so great at being able to soothe the pain and move fluid around so that the inflammation places in my joins and muscles settle down.

But the cold doesn't help.  As much as I'd like to get out and walk more.  I know that soon after the swelling and pain will settle in and plan to stay for a while. A lot of Chronic Lyme disease patients have issues with temperature.  Sometimes the Lyme doesn't react well to the extreme heat.  As I know, when I do heat therapy I see an almost instant reaction.  I feel sick, worn out, and the Lyme has a odd reaction.  The same thing happens with extreme cold.  My body just aches and I lose circulation to exposed fingers and my toes just turn blue.

However, I am ready.  I have my every day gloves all ready, my heating pad is working nicely, and I am stocked up with my coffee.  I'll also go get a massage with heat and hopefully get the pain to move a bit.

So bring it on, I am ready!

Jan 20, 2011


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