I’m in pretty deep and I want you in deeper.

I want you so close that you feel what I feel when you’re near

That you can taste your own essence on my lips.

Can we move together?

Can we breathe shallowly in unison as you look into my eyes while I take you in?

You’re a surge of electricity.

You’re a wild ride in the throes of the middle of the night…

&the fear I feel that this feeling will end is dawn approaching with a new day.

A bitter reality.

But yet, it could never erase the dreams we fulfilled

Through the midst of a brazen fire

That seems to grow every single time…

You touch me.

Baby, please do it again.

Please lick me right there and kiss me like that

So I can wake up in the morning and actually want to keep going.

Intertwine your…

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