wolf1Some of you know that in addition to writing, I also have a small business called Morning Tempest Studios. I embroider baby bib, blankets, onsies, and sometimes aprons for Moms. But earlier this year I needed to take a break from the shop after a very heavy holiday rush and focus on putting my head back together.  Well.. try at least.

So I closed my shop and gave away almost all of my inventory. It was a hard choice to make, but I needed to focus on my family and some personal areas for a while. But every time someone would ask me “What do YOU do?”  I would stumble because I was torn from wanting to say that I am a blogger and telling them about my shop that I was always so proud of.  Now that things have settled down, I really needed to spend some time figuring out what to do with my shop.  And the answer is.. open it back up!

I can multitask. I'm a mom of 5, that's pretty easy.  Now that we only have 1 living at home, I have a lot more time to get my work done and not feel like I should be doing a hundred other things to keep up.

Now I am back on the machine and feeling much more creative.

Have you ever had to take a break from doing what you love?  Tell us about it?

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