Annabelle (2014) Review

I don’t think I can even watch this one. She scared the hell out of me in the Conjuring!


annabelle reviewWhen The Conjuring hit cinemas there was a singular standout character that really terrified us and got right inside our dreams. I am of course talking about the possessed doll, Annabelle. It wasn’t long then before it was decided to do an Annabelle standalone film, one which explored the origins of this creepy as hell doll.

This prequel follows a young couple called John and Mia, who are expecting their first child. They are also annoyingly perfect, so much so in fact that the inevitable horror about to rip apart their lives is almost delicious in the expectation. This horror doesn’t take long and comes along thanks to the couples next door neighbours, an elderly couple who’s daughter ran away to join a Satanic cult, as ya do.

It doesn’t take long for this daughter to return and kill both of her parents. And with that task done the daughter and her deranged…

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