Dear Guilt,

I took this time to deal with my own life. It’s mine; I need to tend to it.  But that’s not good enough for you is it?

You tell me it’s time to get over it, time to come back to the drama and help.  Funny, I don’t think that’s true… it’s the drama that got us here to begin with

Maybe you don’t want to see it, but you drove us here and I just chose to get out of the car. I don’t have to live my life trying to clean up your messes and fix it. That’s your job.

So yeah, maybe I am a bitch for taking away your power to manipulate.  But that’s something I can deal with.  You stand there looking indignant because you think I have forgotten you and you are owed respect.  But you haven’t earned my respect.  Trapping me in your troubles has come to an end.

I don’t owe you anything, and it’s time we both figure that out for ourselves.  I am done with doubt and trying to figure out how to make nice. Our history has been built on guilt and I am done with that now and ready to accept that I am a good person, a great mother, and I don’t have to feel guilty for things I had nothing to do with.

Most sincerely,


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