Blood-Red Leaves

These Flowing Words

Even the wind makes no sound

As blood-red leaves settle on the ground

A torturous maze of darkness and gloom

The stars are too faint, and there is no moon

I can’t see the road, I only see blood

The leaves fill my path like a poisonous flood

They puncture my skull and let me bleed out

Until my soul joins with the darkness around

Every new step takes me closer inside

This unearthly lair, the place where I died

My corpse buried under these layers of leaves

Another lost hiker who was never retrieved

The leaves were so pretty, until the night fell

They sabotaged my mind with their sweet, sickly smell

Their cuts in my skin from their razor-sharp edges

Proves that my warning’s a valuable lesson

The trees are not friends, they’re blood-thirsty crooks

Who lure nature lovers with their festive fall looks

But their leaves will…

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