Dracula – Untold

How many movies can be made from one book?


Due to be released October 10th this film is reported to show the beginnings of Dracula, how and why he came into existance. The film stars Luke Evans as Dracula, Sarah Gadon as Mirena (wife of Dracula), Dominic Cooper as Mehmed (Turkish conqueror).

Dracula was a knight in The Order of The Dragon, in folklore it is believed that Dracula was created when he drunk blood that had been cursed by god.

Following the death of his true love  wife, Elizabeta, by suicide, he curses God, renounces his religion, and vows to rise from the grave to avenge Elizabeta, all while he is drinking blood, this is when he becomes cursed.

After watching the trailer for the film it looks like this has been slightly changed, Dracula is a fair ruler, not the cruel ruler as previously depicted.

Dracula and his townspeople are in a war with the Turks, after…

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