The Giver

Who read this book?

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I manage to watch “The Giver” last night and the movie is actually not bad. Again, each person’s take on a movie will always be different.

6125460_origThe movie is based on a novel with the same name which depicts a perfect society where races, colors, religions and choices are all removed. The reason being these are the things that causes strife, hatred, war and problems. So the main character Jonas, has been assigned the job as The Receiver of Memory. What is this Receiver of Memory and what is The Giver you may ask? That, you have to go watch the movie.

The movie begin in black and white. At first, I thought there must be something wrong but then you will understand why it was meant to be so. Lots of talking in the movie, so you have to pay attention to understand the story. The storyline is rather…

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