The Pros and Cons of Book to Movie Adaptions


From the paper to the big screen, books being adapted into movies are quite popular nowadays. There are so many times that I walk into a book store or some other, and pick up a book, only to see that it has the little sticker with the words: “Soon to be a major motion picture” on it. There’s a big difference between a book and a big screen, especially when it comes to book adaptions. It’s pretty much bookworms versus moviegoers in the book-to-movie adaptions. 

And though there are some book-lovers that despise when their favorite books are being adapted into movies, there are always pros and cons to book adaptions. 

One thing is that books have much more detail. In books, we’re actually inside the narrator’s head. With movies, we are watching from an outside point-of-view. We get more feeling, more depth, and we learn to connect with the…

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