September Theme: Books turned into Movies



I sort of fell into a slow pace this summer and I am having a hard time pushing myself to get moving earlier, get my routine moving a little faster, and pulling out of the summer sleepiness and into the fall groove. I have a to admit, I had a little moment that I thought about scrapping the blog world and getting a real job doing something that someone else told me to do.

The thing is, blogging is not a huge money maker and it is all self-driven. So when you have these moments it is pretty hard to tell yourself that it’s time to get out of your pajamas and get yourself to your desk. But I realized that I love blogging, not for anyone else but for myself and for my love of a good story.

So, it’s time to get on my groove music and get this blog movin!


This month’s theme is all about books that have been made into movies.  I LOVE going to the movies.  I love getting there early, grabbing the buttery popcorn and finding the best seat in the house.  I love watching all of the previews and the thrill of the big screen.

One of my favorite movie moments was when I was 15 and my Dad came into town to see me for the weekend. Even though we weren’t very close, I love my Dad and when he would come to see me I was always beyond happy and even a little nervous. So one night we went to see a movie, one I had been dying to see after reading the book. The Pet Cemetery by Steven King was the first horror movie I had ever gone to see at a theater. Even though I knew the plot because I had read the book, the entire feel and sound effects of watching it in front of me was amazing. I screamed a few times, looked behind me a few more times, and by the end I was completely overwhelmed with how much fun I had.

This month we are going to look at a few movies that were first beloved books. I want to hear your thoughts and movie moments too!  So here we go!

Great blogs thrive because of comments. Dancing with Fireflies is a community, and you are part of it. We would love to hear what you thought of this article and anything else on your mind.

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