Things to bring for college


I can’t sleep.
My eyes are starting to burn
from the salt that cascaded down my cheeks.
The blur of the suitcases keep me down;
the box of books and the bags filled with clothes.
My ‘things-to-bring’ list  is almost done
except for one which I couldn’t bring.

It’s too heavy and also a bit immature —
a bit sad but at the same time sweet.
I tried; I did.
But it wouldn’t budge;
it was just too heavy, too determined.
All my life, I have always brought it with me;
but this time it’s a tad bit different —
or a whole lot different.
So without anymore indecision
given the fact that there is nothing I could do;
I left without it.

Nyka’s things to bring:
[] Clothes
[] Books
[] Toothbrush
[] Food
[] Utensils
[] School stuff
[] Family

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