Are writing retreats useful?

Tracey Baptiste

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a fellow Algonquin YR author about how we hate (read: are jealous of) writers who post their daily word counts online with numbers in the tens of thousands, and how they are surely lying liars who lie. Of course. They’re writers. They’re used to making stuff up. Then we commiserated on our own slow-going works in progress, suffering while we’re pulled from writing by everything else (work, kids, laundry…you know, the ushe).

Not long after that conversation, I discovered that a lot of writers I knew were taking time off for writing retreats. They all came back refreshed, singing the praises of the experience and how much they got done. Well I need to get things done. I have half a novel throwing me shade. So this weekend, I’m doing my first writing retreat. Three days in the woods where they claim there will be…

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