Yeah, I needed this…

This year has been one of great changes. I have resisted the changes for a while, but you can only go on for so long before Life will demand you get on the right path and if you don't do it willingly it will do it for you.

I had to make some hard choices for my life.  In those choices I had to finally let some people go that spent a lifetime going against what I believe in. Those are the hard days, when you sometimes start to doubt yourself if you made the right choice but have to stick with it.  It's getting better now, I don't regret the changes I made anymore.  I rarely look back.  But every once in a while I feel as if I get a sign, a confirmation that I am on the right track.

Maybe it's Lance, watching out for me and trying to show me that he is still around trying to help make things easier.  But I stumbled on a blog this morning that had a message that I needed to hear.  A nod that today is a fresh start and I am actually going in the right direction.

Have you ever had a sign like that?  Ever felt like there's a message that you needed to hear and it's right in front of your nose?

Well, I did this morning and here's that message.  Thanks Lisa and who ever it was that directed me to this old blog post of yours.

We pray for them, our hearts ache and break over them… They are the people that we love that just refuse to grow…to budge or change for the better no matter what.
We  find ourselves exhausted and  powerless to help them and so we ourselves must keep moving, often leaving them behind as we ourselves continue to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.
 It's incredibly painful, yet we must finally do it or we often suffer dire consequences for ourselves on own spiritual journey. On this pivotal day of transformation, 12-12-12,  join me as I ask myself…”Am I being compassionate or showing pity instead?  Am I truly accepting what is or am I just being tolerant and perhaps even resentful? Close your eyes, breathe and picture those people that come to mind as you read this, and send love to them, asking that somehow, some way they would know real love and be free of fear and anything that is holding them hostage from healing, growing and becoming whole.
Let your mantra today be “We are the love, release the fear…We are the love, release the fear”. The time is NOW…<3
Yes.. the time is NOW to grow and become whole again.  Yes, I have lost my best friend, he's not coming back.  But I haven't lost his memory, he'll always be in my heart.  I made choices to let toxic people go from my life and I won't be a drama addict and allow them back.  I am in recovery for that now and I won't ever be going back.  I am releasing the fear and learning to love myself.
Be well,

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