I think I will write you letters

the rest of your life. And they

will become the undernourished

seeds you planted; they will die

and dissolve; they will fall apart

and I will stitch them back together

with thread and ink.

3These are five poems from a set called “Floral Arrangements: because you never bought me flowers.” Each poem is titled after a different flower based on the flower’s meaning and the sentiments in the poem.

Bio: Ashlyn (lyn like Carolyn) Lackey has been recognized by the New Jersey Live Poets Society and Scholastic Art and Writing, and won the Owen Smith Poetry Prize. During her time as editor of her high school’s literary journal, the magazine was recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English. Ashlyn works as a junior editor for Siblini Literary and Art Journal. She is going to be a freshman at Princeton this fall.

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